What Not to Do Before an Eye Exam

There are a few things you should not do before an eye exam to avoid stressing out your doctor. If you are having your first eye exam, you should remove your contact lenses at least two hours before the appointment. This will give your eyes enough time to adjust to the new environment and allow your eye doctor to give you an accurate and thorough exam. If you cannot take off your contact lenses before your eye exam, you should bring them. This will help your doctor to replace them efficiently. manytoons

Before your eye exam, limit your time spent on screen time. While this might sound counterintuitive, too much time in front of the computer can cause digital eye strain and make your eyes tired and irritated. Try to schedule your appointment for the early morning to give your manytoon  eyes a chance to rest. Even if you can’t get an appointment early in the morning, you can make an evening appointment. The morning appointments are easier to schedule and ensure your eyes are well rested before your eye exam.

Before your eye exam, you should make a rexdlcom  list of symptoms you may be experiencing. These symptoms should be written down, so that you can recall them during your exam. Ask your doctor questions based on these symptoms and make notes of any treatment you’ve had so far. Your doctor may ask you about any problems you’ve had in the past or ways you’d like to treat them. Be sure to bring up your problems early so that your doctor can address them quickly. acmarketnet

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