The Impact of ICT in the Medical Field

ICT has a positive and negative impact on the medical field. While physicians reported that ICT has a negative impact on their clinical work, registered nurses were more likely to say that ICT has a positive impact. This study sought to determine how ICT affects the quality of health care services. For this purpose, we asked registered nurses and doctors to answer a questionnaire. The questionnaire was distributed via work email over two weeks in autumn 2016.

As ICT advances, more medical procedures can be performed and patients treated. However, the potential for misuse of these technologies has also been identified. Some researchers have pointed out that personal health devices can be misused by unauthorized parties, resulting in patient harm. Further, hackers may also be able to access and manipulate these medical devices for malicious purposes. Therefore, there is a growing concern about the privacy of medical records toonily.

The ICT system in hospitals has greatly improved the efficiency of health care. Hospitals and clinics now use handheld devices, tablets and other medical devices that are optimized for medical use. These devices can be used by doctors and nurses to access heart readings, record medical histories, and monitor patient health. Additionally, tablets can be used to perform diagnostic lab tests, monitor drug interactions, and provide treatment guides. These applications make it easier to make decisions about patient care.

In addition, doctors and registered nurses’ experiences with ICT in the medical field have been more negative than those of registered nurses. This has affected their discretion. This study also found that doctors use their ICT more frequently than registered nurses. In fact, doctors are much more likely to use the internet to communicate with patients than nurses, who rely primarily on paper. It has also had an impact on the way doctors practice medicine.

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