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The Benefits of Having a Healthy Heart Mentally

A strong connection exists between heart health and mental health. Although the connection was once thought to be psychological, recent research shows a biological basis for this relationship. Certain biological factors trigger mental health issues and have a correlation with heart disease. Various types of mental health problems can affect the cardiovascular system, from a temporary state of depression to clinical depression, and even varying levels of stress and anxiety. Listed below are the top three benefits of a strong mental health Stylesrant.

Improving heart health improves brain health. Scientists have been trying to figure out how the human brain and cardiovascular system work together. In a recent study published in Neurology, scientists looked at the hearts of participants in their 20s. They found that participants who missed at least two of these factors had reduced brain size with age. Furthermore, smoking affects the heart and the brain. Smoking is a common cause of heart disease, but is also linked to poor mental health.

While these findings may be preliminary, they do suggest that a healthy mental state has significant positive effects on cardiovascular health. Studies have shown that people who suffer from anxiety or depression experience higher stress-related neural activity, which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Taking regular exercise is a good way to improve your overall mental health, and many cardiovascular diseases can be prevented or reversed. When you exercise regularly, you activate the same parts of your brain that counteract stress and depression .

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