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Termite Fumigation and Baby Safety

Before termite fumigation, be sure to read the following articles about the risks involved and your child’s safety. Termite fumigation can cause a variety of health problems for a newborn, including spontaneous abortion, low birth weight, birth defects, and increased cancer risk. It can also affect the development of the fetus, impairing its growth, delaying sexual maturity, inhibiting growth of sex organs, and altering immune function.

Termites are an enormous nuisance and can wreak havoc on your home. To prevent the problem, you should consider natural solutions to pest control. There are several organic methods of termite control, such as liquid treatment. These liquid treatments are safer for infants, as they stay where they are needed. In addition, they are easier to keep children away from contaminated areas. You should also remember that termite fumigation often involves bats, which are protected species. Using bat bait can result in bat corpses in your attic.

Homeowners often choose to take on the task themselves and use toxic chemicals for termite control. While these products are relatively safe for human consumption, they can pose a risk to children and pets. While they are not toxic to humans, they may cause allergic reactions or asthma attacks. The risk of exposure to termite-contaminated buildings is higher when the area has a ventilation system. For this reason, you should call a pest control company before termite fumigation.

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