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How Often Should You Get Your Eyes Checked If You Wear Glasses?

When you wear glasses, it’s imperative that you get regular eye exams. Regular eye exams will determine if your vision has changed or if you need to schedule an exam. A routine eye exam will also reveal if any of your glasses are causing you trouble. A comprehensive eye exam also evaluates the blood vessels in the retina, which are good indicators of eye health. Having regular eye exams is essential if you have diabetes, since diabetic eye disease is the leading cause of blindness in adults.

In addition to checking for eye problems, annual exams are necessary to monitor vision and prevent blindness. Children should have an eye exam every year if they wear glasses, while adults over the age of 65 should have an eye exam every two years livechatvalue. Visiting an eye doctor for an eye exam is crucial to preventing headaches and gritty eyes. Some states require children and the elderly to have yearly eye exams.

The doctor will perform a thorough eye exam for a more comprehensive assessment of your vision and eye health. This will determine whether you need a new prescription of corrective lenses. Many eye exams include machines that shine a light into your eye. The doctors use these machines to see if you have cataracts or other eye diseases. Your doctor may also check the strength of your eyes while wearing your glasses to determine if you need a new prescription of your lenses.

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