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Examples of Communication Technology in Healthcare

The use of e-communication technologies in healthcare has become increasingly popular, with nurses playing a key role as the primary connector venturebeat between patients and healthcare institutions. But, nurses need to familiarize themselves with the available tools to make the most of the benefits that each communication technology provides. They must also learn how to adapt to new technologies to continue fostering patient activation, which involves involving patients in their care. Nurses who know how to use e-communication tools effectively will benefit their patients in a variety of ways.

Many healthcare organizations have begun using wireless PTT buttons and PoC apps, enabling an OR assistant to press a PTT button and speak to the doctor. A wearable badge, powered by voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) technology, helps caregivers manage calls, receive messages and notifications without a cell phone handset. The technology also supports voice commands to help patients call and text. It also allows caregivers to communicate with other health care workers and with each other.

The availability of digital technologies in hertube healthcare can reduce the number of unnecessary hospital visits, saving time and money for patients and clinicians. In one study, 525 hospital patients indicated that they used a range of digital technologies to manage their healthcare. In addition to improving the overall patient experience, patients also reported that they preferred to communicate with healthcare providers via technology and telephone after discharge. Patients also showed a significant relationship between age, income and admitting condition when it came to choosing the methods of communication.

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